Preferred Shippers

Transportation Security Administration (TSA) security procedures require that you complete this Shipping Agreement and Security Endorsement, which will qualify you as a Preferred Shipper.  Becoming a Preferred Shipper will streamline the pick-up and delivery of your package and speed you through the ordering and billing process.

Completing this document is easy.  Simply complete the information below, sign in the space provided, fax the completed agreement to 800-795-9USA, and mail the original immediately to:

Bob Rocco Enterprises Inc.
Attention: TSA Security Procedures
5901 Benjamin Center Dr. #105
Tampa, Fl. 33634

Please note that we cannot qualify you as a Preferred (Known) Shipper until we have had your Customer Record and Shipping Agreement on file and have completed your set up process. In the meanwhile, you may still be able to arrange shipments with USA Couriers, but applicable TSA and airline-specific regulations may restrict the itineraries available to you and additional information and identification will be required at the time of package pick-up.